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July 27, 2012
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::Tamber Mizuky Reference:: by tamber-mizuky ::Tamber Mizuky Reference:: by tamber-mizuky
:blackrose: Ohaiyo dears :love:
Here I finally done a new and better ref of my Tamber :dummy: and in digital :giggle: I wanted to use colors close to the anime ones (above all the colors in Sonic X :XD:)
I have added also another image on this reference, Tamber in swimsuit/underwear :giggle: <33
Added also the bust size >D
(Who wants to know what I have written in japanese near Tamber is just: the first near surprised Tamber is ''What is happened?'' and below near Tamber with swimsuit/underwear is ''What?'')
EDIT: Added some informations <3

Hope you like and it can be more useful! ouo
If you can't read the informations on the image, enlarge it :heart:

:blackrose::blackrose:Tamber Mizuky- タムベルー ・ みずき (Tamuberu Mìzukì) :blackrose::blackrose:

The current ''opposing'' (meaning the appearance) reflection of Maria for Shadow.
:bulletblack:Complete name: Tamber ''Alexandra-Sophia'' Mizuky.
:bulletblack:Name: Tamber (タムベルー)
:bulletblack:Surname: Mizuky (or Mizuki - みずき)
:bulletblack:Nicknames: Tamby, Tam, Mizuky-san/chan, Tamber-san/chan, Tammi, Tama/Tama-chan/Tenshi (called by Viki -BubblyFoxy- and by Lara -Bubbleslou- >w<), Tami/sweetheart (by her stepsister Ms.Cook SSN-AlBlooshi <3), Tamber-sama, Senpai.
:bulletblack:Motherland: Lolimar Island, land of the winds. Lolimar is one of 6 close secret islands, in the Pacific Ocean. (obviously, these islands are imaginary).
:bulletblack:Current Residence: Central City. Before that, she lived at Kyoto, Japan (moved there with her stepsister since she was 6/7 years old until she was 16 years old).
:bulletblack:Eyes: Red
:bulletblack:Hair: Black
:bulletblack:Height: 166 cm
:bulletblack:Weight: 116 lbs
:bulletblack:D.O.B: 24 July (1992)
:bulletblack:Zodiacal Sign: Leo
:bulletblack:Blood Type: 0+
:bulletblack:Sizes: 92-60-89
:bulletblack:Favourite Food: Sushi, Udon, litchi fruit, cupcakes, strawberries, lollipops, puddings, Pocky, macarons, donuts.
:bulletblack:Bio: Don't be tricked by her usual outfit, she is a Gothic Lolita and she loves that style, black and dress it: she is a Gothic Lolita since she was 10 years old :heart:.
She is a quite and beautiful girl, kind and fascinating. Before her meeting with Shadow, from the death of her family (when she was 6) , she didn't and couldn't smile and she was a inespressive girl with everyone (like Yuki Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi if you know her XDD). She is intelligent and crafty and at school has always good marks.
Caring and kind with everyone, she loves stay with friends, but often she likes stay at home alone. Drawing and cooking is two of her hobbies.
She has always admired very much her sister Hana since she was young: for her, Hana was a point of reference :heart: She was legated very much to Discharge too, she always has protected her little sister :heart:
Sometimes she could be very impatient and grumpy: impatient above all when she has to go to save one of her friends in danger and she can't wait or when she wants to do immediatly something; grumpy above all when she is irritated by anyone.
She is also a girl with two personality. She became a yandere since the disappearence of the family.
-Extra curiosities of bio: she is the portrait of her mother about the face. But the very very dark green hair she had when she was young are from her grandfather and the light blue eyes, always when she was young are from the mother. Growing up, she has changed these phisical parts and now she has these like the father.

:bulletblack:Weak points: when somebody tells bad about her, her family and her friends, her love Shadow and..maths :XD:
:bulletblack:Love: Shadow ''Robotnik'' the Hedgehog (husband in future) -Main story-
Yamaru (boyfriend) (belongs to TheBoss5095:heart:)
-Another story-
Jack Spicer (fallen in love with him)
-Another story, with Tamber Xiaolin in my personal Xiaolin Showdown story-
:bulletblack:Status: Engaged with Shadow the Hedgehog (future husband)
:bulletblack:Relatives (Genealogic Tree is Coming Soon): King Kaji Mizuky and Queen Sonja Alexandra Mizuky of Lolimar Kingdom (Father and Mother) .Mizuky Family photo. by tamber-mizuky, Discharge Mizuky (little sister - BlueSpecZ:heart:), Hana 'Perla' Mizuky (bigger sister - BubblyFoxy:heart:):The Triplets: by tamber-mizuky , Maria Mizuky Robotnik (first daughter), Corinne Mizuky Robotnik (second daughter), Mia Mizuky Robotnik (third daughter) :Shadamber Daughters refs: by tamber-mizuky , Temma Tsukamoto (little cousin), Milena Mizuky (little cousin), Savannah Grace (little cousin - Rockgirl-Savvy:heart:), Ms. Cook (stepsister - SSN-AlBlooshi:heart:).
:bulletblack:Alignement: Normal-Neutral
:bulletblack:Formation: Speed/Agility.
:bulletblack:Power: Esper (Power ESP), wind power control (she can manage the wind).
But they are additional, she doesn't use them very much, she lives her life as a normal person.
:bulletblack:Likes: Shadow the Hedgehog , her sisters Discharge and Hana (keeping the promise of them), Sonic, Rouge, Tails, her children (future), animals, the good of the others and japanese food.
:bulletblack:Hates: Metarex, Black Arms, Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Amy Rose (Tamber considers her a bit annoying.)

:bulletblack:Story:Tamber born in the island of Lolimar. She has lost her family and her sisters Hana and Discharge when she was 6. At her 6th birthday, a quite day as the others, is happened a cataclysm in her land. In the mess on this cataclysm, she has lost sight of her parents but at least she was taken by hand by her sister Hana (at the time, Hana was 8 and Discharge was 4). When they have taken also the little Discharge, they ran away again. When the sisters were out of the castle, Hana has made that she, Tamber and Discharge could escape in a portal that would brought them in the Central Island. But something is gone wrong: the energy was less cause the cataclysm. Before Tamber was disappeared on the portal, Hana has begged her to promise her this: to be a strong girl. Infact when Tamber was young, she was too shy, defenseless and closed, she never reponsed about anything. Tamber gone in the portal, but she lost sight of the sisters and she seen that they still were at Lolimar cause the less energy of the portal. She thought to have lost her family forever.
She has lived alone with the stepsister Cooky (Ms. Cook SSN-AlBlooshi :heart:) in Central City, moved there from the Central Island after an year.

(Spoiler: After many time, she has found out that her family was alive and she has gone to save them. Her family has been captured by Metarex during the cataclysm, triggered by them for the conquest of the Universe. (Metarex attacked this part of the Earth for a Chaos Emerald there.) Continue later..)

The meeting with Shadow, her future love, happens to Prison Island. Tamber and Chris were trying to seach Sonikku. When Shadow creates the Chaos Control to save Rouge from the explosion of Prison Island. Tamber and Chris were in the same room of Rouge and when Shadow is appeared, he was immediatly ready to teleport him and Rouge. Rouge didn't want to leave the others but Shadow didn't care them. Tamber begs Shadow to bring them too away the Prison. She has finished the sentence with the famous words ''I beg you Shadow'', same words of Maria and Shadow has noted that Tamber was too similar to Maria Robotnik. Space Colony ARK, the place where Shadow and Tamber were able to share the love. On the ARK it's happened an incident where Tamber, while she was esaping with Shadow, she is hit from behind.She sacrificed herself for the others to save them and send them in the safe part of the ARK. Shadow never forgot the expression of Tamber after the sacrifice, and before that she falling down. After that Shadow disappeared in to the incident on the ARK (Sonic Adventure 2), Tamber, survived, was no longer the same, and enrolled her in an army for the defense of the planet Earth during the battle versus the Metarex (infact she has enrolled on it because she wanted, of course, to save the family).
In this time she has met again Shadow for case <3 Glad to see him, she has tried to talk with him. But she saw Shadow did not remember anything of her. Tamber, upset, has tried to do anything to make him to remember. For a bit of time, she has been at his side. The final battle was there and the main base of Metarex was near. She still was upset, confused, because Shadow still didn't remember and the family stll kept on the base..She was in the panic and she wanted to attack the Metarex, doing like a sacrifice. When she wanted to sacrifice her again, like she has done on the ARK, while going near Shadow, random, did the same expression of that time and Shadow has remembered everything. Tamber disappeared in the base and Shadow, being upset, attacked by himself the Metarex.
Tamber and Shadow met again each other at the end on the Blue Typhoon. Was thought that Tamber was dead, but escaped with a fake fragment of a Chaos Emerald that Sonikku given her time before, when they was on the ARK. In the end, the family of Tamber was saved, and all thanks to Shadow <3 After all those sad moments, Tamber, lived good times with her sisters Hana and Discharge, finally after many years and she and Shadz get married <3 After some years, they have had children: Maria ''Noriko'' Mizuky Robotnik, Corinne ''Aya'' Mizuky Robotnik and the littlest Mia ''Kuri'' Mizuky Robotnik :heart: (They had them when Shadow, by mistake, became an human cause a strange machinery created by Eggman, and during those years, he and Tamber had Maria and Corinne before Eggman would have found an opposite machinery.)
And the ''adventures'' are not finished yet, they will know new people, like the Blackmoon family (belongs to 7marichan7 <3) and the family of Samarah (belongs to BubblyFoxy <3), the families Tamber knew already (she is best friend with Mari and Samarah since they were more young <3), where Maria, Corinne and Mia will find their best friends; the meeting with Silver, the future hedgehog, (which is thought he is the possible their fourth son), Blaze and many others. <3

(Sorry for this long story, but I'm not good with brief summaries and I have prolonged >n<')

(in my other story, of Tamber in hedgehog form she, Discharge and Hana are a triplet <33 three twin sisters :love:)

:bulletblack:Friends: Rouge, Sonic, Tails, Samarah & Berry (best friends - BubblyFoxy <3), Lara Aurant (best friend - Bubbleslou <3), Mari Blackmoon (best friend - 7marichan7 <3), Emi (best friend - KawaiiChainsaw <3), Leo (best friend - TechnoGamerSpriter <3), Alice (best friends - Shaymikuu <3), Zeki (very close friend - E-C98 <3), Goro, Fannie, Kita (very close friends - mARTz-9o <3), Mars (very close friend - Wabii <3), Charm (close friend - Lightning-Dream <3),
Elis (close friend - DisasterVictim <3), Madame Finitevus (close friend - Madame-Finitevus1890 <3), Selena Alex (close friend - SelenaThe-Hedgehog <3).
:bulletblack:Theme song: A change to shine -Akino Arai-…
:bulletblack:Dere character type: Yandere

:bulletblack:Main Teams:
:star:Team Tenshi:star: -Theme song…
:bulletblack::icontamber-mizuky:- Tamber Mizuky :bulletblack:
:bulletgreen::iconbubbleslou:- Lara Aurant :bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple::iconbubblyfoxy:- Samarah :bulletpurple:

:blackrose: Next Gen of Anarchy Angels :blackrose:
:bulletwhite::icontamber-mizuky:- Tama-Shirt
:bulletgreen::iconshaymikuu:- Leggings

:bulletblack:SA2 style: :SA2 Tamber: by tamber-mizuky ;
- Check out also her in hedgehog form! --> ::Tamber the Hedgehog Reference:: by tamber-mizuky ;
- Check out her in Panty and Stocking version character! -->… ;
- Check many of Tamber's outfits! -->… ;
- Check out here you can see most of her versions! -->… (original blank meme by OohLaLa423 -I changed some parts,
plus, I give credits to the artists who did some of the respective artworks in some versions, thank you so much for your amazing drawings!)
:bulletblack:Support stamps: .:Tamber Stamp:. by tamber-mizuky wanna support her? ;o; <3

Art and Tamber © :icontamber-mizuky:

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(by the way your double negitiving yourself, you said that you don't want your fc to be a slut so you kept your fc from going through puberty to keep from being a slut,indirectly saying that every character that went through puberty is a slut) honestly i think that the gaia chick is fine, she just needs to work on anatomy, her character is faithful meaning she sticks to one lover, meaning she isn't a whore, meaning she isn't classified as a slut. those guys hate her for the wrong reason(most likely because it like a trend to hate her now)
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