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November 12, 2012
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:Shadamber Daughters refs: by tamber-mizuky :Shadamber Daughters refs: by tamber-mizuky
:blackrose: New references of Shadow and Tamber daughters ! :dummy:

EDIT! A new girl *-* Mia Mizuky Robotnik :heart: The younger daughter <3 She is designed by my beautiful tenshi :dev
bubblyfoxy: :huggle: we talked and she wanted to do a new daughter for me :love: She's been so sweet ;-; <3

I know that it could be improbable have full human sons from and human and an anthro, but in my story there is a thing to explain: Shadow, by mistake, became an human cause a strange machinery created by Eggman, and during those years, he and Tamber had Maria and Corinne before Eggman would have found an opposite machinery.
:rose::bulletblack::bulletred: Maria Mizuky Robotnik/ マリア - みずき - ロボトニック (Mària Mizuki Robotonikku) :bulletred::bulletblack:
-Shadamber first daughter :rose:-
:bulletred:Complete name: Maria -Noriko- Mizuky Robotnik.
:bulletred:Nicknames: Mary (by many people), Mimì (called by Tamber), Mimi-chan (called by 'Spectra' Maria A. <33), Mari-Star (called by Shad), Sista Ma (by Corinne :XD:), Mary-angel (by Michael Blackmoon X3 <3), Mary onee-sama (by Mia).
:bulletred:Hair: Black and red (same with the fur in the hedgehog form)
:bulletred:Eyes: Light blue.
:bulletred:Age: 18.
:bulletred:D.O.B: 16 September.
:bulletred:Height:1.70 (100 cm in hedgehog form)
:bulletred:Relatives: Tamber Mizuky (mother) ::Tamber Mizuky Reference:: by tamber-mizuky, Shadow Robotnik (father), Corinne Mizuky Robotnik (younger sis), Goro the Cat (by mARTz-9o:heart: sort of uncle), Spectra Maria Robotnik (by :dev
bubblyfoxy: :heart: stepsister from another dimension), Bella Stella Robotnik (by :devbubblyfoxy: :heart: little stepsister from another dimension).
:bulletred:Likes: her family, Michael Blackmoon (BF, by 7marichan7), Daisy Blackmoon (best friend, by 7marichan7), Spectra Maria Abigail Robotnik (best friend, by :dev
bubblyfoxy::heart:), Haven (close friend, by lightningdream :heart:), spending days with friends and videogames.
:bulletred:Dislikes: Competitions, battles and when her family is in danger.
:bulletred:Status: Taken (by Michael Blackmoon :heart:)
:bulletred:Bio: Cute and sweet more or less like the mother, the opposite of the father :XD: A bit introverse with the others people, but she likes hanging out with friends, above all when she has met for the first time her stepsister from another dimension, Spectra Maria Robotnik. She is very legated to her and admires her and, although the very different personalities and hobbies, they are very great friends and they love each other :heart:
When Eggman has seen the great friendship of the two Marias, he wanted to keep at his service and his work also her but Maria Noriko has rejected initially. But she is still very undecided.. she wants to stay with her dear Spectra but she doesn’t want to stay in an evil part..In fact, in secret, she stays and goes out with Spectra <3
She loves so much spending time with her BF Michael Blackmoon and Daisy Blackmoon <3 They always play videogames and chatting together. But if someone touch him above all or a friend, she can be VERY violent! She's good with knifes <3
Sometimes Eggman tries to kidnap her, since he has seen the big power of Maria, but (as always, of course XD) he fails.
Her other hobby is keep her sister and her friends, tried to sustain them. She hates evil and battles, she can’t bear them.
One her particular characteristic is about the spiky ears, in the top. She has a mix power of the Chaos Spear and the Psikochinesis: she is able to make fly objets in an electric shock; she use that for defence and attack.
-Curiosities: She has blue eyes in difference of her parents and her sister. She taken these eyes by her grandfather (Kaji, father of Tamber).
She can be very fussy, she is not totally sweet XD
The father sees her just like another 'Maria Robotnik' (after Tamber) for being sweet and caring.

:bulletwhite:Dere character type: Yandere
:bulletred:Formation: Speed :iconherospeedplz:
:bulletred:Theme song: さよならのうた -mihimaru GT-…

:bulletblack::bulletpurple: Corinne Mizuky Robotnik/ コリーヌ - みずき - ロボトニック (Korinu Mizuki Robotonikku):bulletpurple::bulletblack:
-Shadow and Tamber second daughter :rose:-
:bulletblack:Complete name: Corinne -Aya- Mizuky Robotnik.
:bulletblack:Nicknames: Cori, Coki (called by Tamber), little shade (called by Shad), Cori-coki (by Maria), Kiki (by Mia), Yami.
:bulletblack:Hair: Dark dark blue/purple and black actually (same with the fur in the hedgehog form). Natural hair color: black.
:bulletblack:Eyes: Red.
:bulletblack:Age: 15
:bulletblack:D.O.B: 6 June
:bulletblack:Height:1.50 (95 cm in the hedgehog form)
:bulletblack:Likes: Videogames (Action XD), a bit the family (above all her father :XD:), Michael Blackmoon and Daisy Blackmoon (best friends, by 7marichan7 <33), Bella Stella Robotnik (best friend, by :dev
bubblyfoxy: :heart:), Solaria Robotnik (close friend, by Bubbleslou :heart:), Rosella (close friend, by lightningdream :heart:) and bothering her dad Shadow. :XD:
:bulletblack:Dislikes: sweet things and PINK :XD:
:bulletblack:Status: Single. (she doesn't want anyone v.v too much busy to think to the evil v.v XD)
:bulletblack:Relatives: Tamber Mizuky (mother) ::Tamber Mizuky Reference:: by tamber-mizuky, Shadow Robotnik (father), Maria Mizuky Robotnik (bigger sis), Goro the Cat (by mARTz-9o <3 sort of uncle), Spectra Maria Robotnik (by :dev
bubblyfoxy: :heart: bigger stepsister from another dimension), Bella Stella Robotnik (by :devbubblyfoxy: :heart: stepsister from another dimension).
:bulletblack:Bio: Terrible and always without smile, arrogant and always knows how to get in trouble the others...she is all her father :XD: (if you note the expression, it's pratically identical XDD). She has the dark skin of the father. =3 A really estroverse girl and never take her mouth shut to provoke the others. Her hobbies are stay alone and don't talk with nobody and provokes her bro :XD: In secret, appears to be very close to her sister, she admire her and admire the mother too, above all for the height and boobs XDD...She is shorter and flat-chested than the others of the age (infact she tends to wear push clothes XDD). Who knows if when she will be older she will be how she wants..=3 Someone tells that when she try to smile (force by the others of course) she has spiky teeth.
Cori can’t stay quite and she always wants to create and do tricks to anyone. 
For a bit of time, she was a bit close to Eggman. She has seen the evil army of the doctor and she wanted to be in in. Also, she has admired for a bit the characteristics of Spectra Maria (the big stepsister), who works with Eggman. When Corinne has tried to go in the army, the sister has stopped her, telling her that with her entry could happen a mess for the world and Corinne didn’t wanted that something happened to her family..
She is legated to her stepsister (from another dimension) Bella Stella, that inside loves very much. They are like to two Anti :heart: But in this case, they are very good friends and they love and admire each other >U< They love spending time together <3 They love playing Guitar Hero together XD Same with her dear friend Daisy Blackmoon, Cori admire her in secret, cause Daisy is evil just like her. They spend time to go to scare everything they see, and also using together Chaos Control for tricks. XD <3
One her characteristic are the spiky ears in the top like the sister Maria and the dark skin (like the father) and the bulbous nose.
She has also a big dark red mark in the right leg, a stripe like one of her father Shadow :heart: She has the power of the Chaos Control by Shadow and she can stop the time and teleportation of course but she has also the particular in plus in this power: be able to return back in the time.
-Curiosities: Her natural color of the hair is totally black, she dyed a bit her hair with dark blue/purple color subsequently, when she was older. (in her hedgie form, she still always have the dark-blue/purple fur)
She seems she has a good side too...that appears rarely though. She also smiles very very few times, the times are when she is with her only two friends and with her sister when it needs XD

:bulletwhite:Dere character type: Tsundere
:bulletblack:Formation: Power :iconheropowerplz:.
:bulletblack:Theme song: Watashi to ito reason -Aya Hiroshige-…

:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Mia Mizuky Robotnik/ ミア - みずき - ロボトニック (Mìa Mizuki Robotonikku):bulletwhite::bulletblack:
-Shadow and Tamber third daughter :rose:-
:bulletwhite:Complete name: Mia -Kuri- Mizuky Robotnik.
:bulletwhite:Nicknames: Mi, Mimia (called by Tamber and sisters), lil' princess (called by Shad), Kurin (by Maria and Corinne).
:bulletwhite:Hair: Black (same with the fur in the hedgehog form).
:bulletwhite:Eyes: Red.
:bulletwhite:Age: 13
:bulletwhite:D.O.B: 17 November.
:bulletwhite:Height:1.60 (90 cm in the hedgehog form)
:bulletwhite:Likes: Her family, stay at home, studying, animals, silence, Michael Blackmoon and Daisy Blackmoon (close friends, by 7marichan7 <33), Angel Blackmoon (best friend, by 7marichan7), Bella Stella Robotnik (close friend, by Foxy5795 :heart:), Solaria Robotnik (close friend, by Bubbleslou :heart:) and candies.
:bulletwhite:Dislikes: Talking.
:bulletwhite:Status: Single. She doesn't think about love for now, she likes being with friends above all with her best friend Angel Blackmoon :heart:
:bulletwhite:Relatives: Tamber Mizuky (mother) ::Tamber Mizuky Reference:: by tamber-mizuky, Shadow Robotnik (father), Maria Mizuky Robotnik (bigger sis), Corinne Mizuky Robotnik (big sister), Goro the Cat (bymARTz-9o<3 sort of uncle), Spectra Maria Robotnik (by BubblyFoxy :heart: bigger stepsister from another dimension), Bella Stella Robotnik (by BubblyFoxy :heart: big stepsister from another dimension).
:bulletwhite:Bio: Mia is a very shy and reticent 13 years old girl. She normally kept to herself, since she was very little always is afrait to talk. She taken that by the mother, young Tamber was shy and reserved too. She’s quiet, a bit emotionless. She always acted like a calm doll ;-; She always loved studying, loves going into books. Everytime someone or someone with a crush for her at school talked to her, she always blushed and ran away, leaving everybody.
When Mia known Angel Blackmoon some of these things changed: her heart is burning with passion since that. The more she is alone with her dear friend the more cute and talkative she seems to become. Her parents were so happy for that! :heart:
Mia loves playing with her sisters, going out but only in the house garden, Mia isn't too much sure about many strangers around ;o; When she must go out with the mum, she often hide behind her dress <3
Her other hobbies are caring about the garden, cleaning the house and reading novels <3
-Curiosities: She is the portrait of her mother, like the hair and the eyes, but above all the shy personality, that Tamber had when she was young. Sometimes, out, she is confused as the middle sister of the three, since Corinne is the shorter even if she is older than Mia, but Mia is the youngest.

:bulletwhite:Dere character type: Dandere
:bulletwhite:Formation: Speed :iconherospeedplz:
:bulletwhite:Theme song: PON PON PON -Kyary Pamyu-…

:bulletblack:Main teams:
Team Opposed Paradox 
:icontamber-mizuky:- Maria Mizuky R. :iconherospeedplz:
:iconbubblyfoxy:'Spectra' Maria Abigail R. :iconherospeedplz:
:icontamber-mizuky:Corinne Mizuky R. :iconheropowerplz:
:iconbubblyfoxy:Bella Stella R. :iconheropowerplz:
:icontamber-mizuky:Mia Mizuky R. :iconherospeedplz: 

Team Agniswattas
:iconshock-blanket:- Haven :iconheroflyplz: 
:icontamber-mizuky:- Maria Mizuky R. :iconherospeedplz:
:iconshock-blanket:- Rosella :iconherospeedplz:
:icontamber-mizuky:- Corinne Mizuky R. :iconheropowerplz:

:bulletwhite:Support stamp: ::Shadamber daughters Stamp:: by tamber-mizuky wanna support them? ;o; <3

Hope you like :heart:

now I run away, unluckly I'm at school and I ''have to work''..XD

Mia design © :iconfoxy5795:
Maria, Corinne & art © :icontamber-mizuky:

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